Many who view this site already know and appreciate the extensive quality, luxury and safety features represented by the MERCEDES BENZ LOGO. Many of which I will recap here for those who are not. We market, almost exclusively, luxury automobiles and consider MERCEDES BENZ the flagship automobile in the luxury category.

This particular MERCEDES C240 4MATIC SEDAN is particularly interesting, since we are dealers of luxury automobiles it is reasonable to expect we focus on decent turnover of our inventory. Not so with this beauty. We acquired this vehicle in Sept. of 2008 with 24000 miles on it with every intention of including it in our inventory. My wife saw it, drove it, and from that point on it was hers, no talking her out of it. I finally, after four years, was able to convince her, only because the car was fully depreciated on our books that she considers letting her baby go. She reluctantly agreed. Because of this rather unusual circumstance this car has been under our watchful eye. It has been meticulously dealer maintained and serviced and has always been under the care of our in house certified foreign car mechanic. It's a good thing he had other things to do since the only thing this car ever needed was regular normal service as outlined by Mercedes. We never compromised and used Mobil 1 for every oil change.

Mercedes Benz manufactures a model that will appeal to every drivers taste, from sport to maximum luxury and everywhere in between. Our challenge here was to select a Mercedes model that would appeal to most luxury vehicle aficionados and more specifically the particular example of that model that would meet our uncompromising and discriminating qualifications. We feel we have accomplished our objectives with the selection of this 2005 MERCEDES BENZ C240 4MATIC AWD SEDAN. This vehicle will give both the new and seasoned Mercedes Benz lover the best of all worlds Mercedes Benz is known to represent, with unbridled performance and luxury at a very economical price.

This suburban driven MERCEDES BENZ C240 4MATIC AWD SEDAN is in excellent condition with no negative mechanical or cosmetic issues to report. No dings, scratches or dents on the beautiful STERLING SILVER METALLIC exterior. No tears, stains or other imperfections on the GUN METAL GREY LEATHER interior. This vehicle is represents EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY THROUGHOUT. A CLEAR AUTOCHECK VEHICLE HISTORY REPORT confirms this vehicles integrity and lineage. This car is ready to deliver tens of thousands of trouble free miles to its new owner. The C240 is powered by the Mercedes Benz time tested and proven V6, 168HP, 2.6L, aluminum head engine coupled to their new 5 speed automatic transmission. This drive train combination, will assure any enthusiast all of the power, economy, 19-25 MPG, and performance a luxury vehicle owner could possibly want. This vehicle is fitted with PREMIUM TIRES mounted on NEW alloy wheels.

The MERCEDES BENZ C240 4MATIC has reached a level of exceptional critical acclaim. We have not read a professional critics review that did not applaud the 2005 MERCEDES BENZ C240 .


This 2005 MERCEDES BENZ C240 4MATIC represents an excellent opportunity for the value conscious luxury automobile buyer. The first owner as well as our dealership purchased thousands of dollars of depreciation, leaving the real value, the C240 4MATIC SEDAN for you. Both your checkbook and your banker will love this value. Because of the exceptional quality, condition and competitive price of this vehicle it will not last long in inventory. We suggest our ebay buyers consider their "Buy it now" option. This automobile is far too nice to loose at the last minute through the bidding process, or through an off line sale. Purchasing a MERCEDES BENZ is always an excellent investment, and an investment in this fine C240 4MATIC SEDAN will never be disappointing.