If ever you feel you need adrenalin rush, all you need to do is sit behind the wheel of this beautiful Corvette. You don't even need to step on the accelerator and a smile will immediately appear on your face and your tie will automatically blow over your shoulder, well not really, but you get the point.

Many of our customers have asked us, since we market luxury and special interest vehicles, why we don't market more corvettes. Although we have owned Corvettes for our personal pleasure and feel they are the only true American sports car we have found it difficult to find exactly the right Corvette that gives the most for the potential corvette owners buck. Frankly, we feel the new ones are too expensive and the very old ones lack creature comforts among other things. Finely we feel we have found just the right answer in this 1986 CORVETTE COUPE.

This Corvette is truly exceptional in every way. We have had personal knowledge of the history of this beauty for a long time and know it has not even been driven in the rain or for that matter left in the sun. Its previous,upper level executive owner, would drive it to his office and if the sun was to bright he would garage it so the sun would not dry out the rubber seals, leather or ultimately affect the paint. Its hard to believe, but true. We finally convinced the owner to trade it for a late model Lexus SC430 and now it is ours to proudly represent. Its BRIGHT RED exterior has been beautifully maintained. Not a scratch, ding or even a stone chip since the owner used a protective BRA much of the time which is included. Its 16" aluminum alloy wheels, FITTED WITH EXCELLENT GOODYEAR EAGLE HIGH PERFORMANCE TIRES, have never seen a curb. The RED LEATHER interior is free of tears, stains or any other imperfections. This car was used for summer, fair weather, fun only.

Not only did the original owners drive this car sparingly, less than 1800 miles a year, and give it all the TLC in the world but added a beautiful premium contemporary ALPINE CDA-9884 WITH CD MP3/WMA/AAC SAT READY STEREO SYSTEM FEEDING ITS BOSE AND INFINITY SPEAKERS.

For those technically oriented the following are a few of this cars statistics.


We assess this beautiful Corvette to be the perfect answer for both the novice and experienced Corvette owner that want the most bang for the buck. This car is mechanically and cosmetically as nice as we have ever seen in an older Corvette and is sure to totally satisfy its new owner.

Whenever you see a 25 year old car commanding 50% of its original window sticker you know that the value curve is trending upward. It wont be long before this car, given appropriate TLC, will command the original sticker price and more. Not only is this car a wonderful driver but a good solid investment, the value of which will only increase. For your ready reference we have included the current NADA Classic car value for this car.

We suggest our ebay buyers use the EBAY BUY IT NOW OPTION. This car is far too nice to loose through a last minute bid or through an off Internet transaction.