If ever you feel you need adrenalin rush, all you need to do is sit behind the wheel of this beautiful Corvette. You don't even need to step on the accelerator and a smile will immediately appear on your face and your tie will automatically blow over your shoulder, well not really, but you get the point.

This is what the Autotrader critics have to say about the exhilarating Corvette.

"It's not just a car, it's an adventure- The Chevrolet Corvette is the dream machine of thousands -- maybe even millions -- of people young, old and in-between, and as such it's more than just speed and performance. It's a sexy, low-slung adventure, complete with the sound of a good ol' rumbling V-8 exhaust. The Corvette's exhilarating performance comes from a 5.7-liter V-8 that has been in continuous development for four decades. Chevrolet is wise to have made traction control a standard feature. On the test track, the Corvette holds its own with the world's best. Even for those long familiar with this car's capabilities, its ability to accelerate, go around corners and stop is awe-inspiring.

This kind of all-out capability has little relevance for daily driving, but it does promise a huge reserve that the skillful and aware driver can use to help avoid many emergencies. Even at normal, legal speeds, superior cornering gives a car the ability to steer around potential danger, and better braking might make the difference in a potentially dangerous situation.

With all this high-performance capability, the Corvette's ride is surprisingly comfortable, particularly on smooth roads and highways. People accustomed to family sedans might find the ride quality slightly harsh, but it's actually quite good in the context of the car's performance level. Only on rough surfaces, such as poorly maintained city streets, does the ride start becoming objectionable. The current Corvette has come a long way in this regard".

Many of our customers have asked us, since we market luxury and special interest vehicles, why we don't market corvettes. Although we have owned Corvettes for our personal pleasure and feel they are the only true American sports car we have found it difficult to find exactly the right Corvette that gives the most for the potential corvette owners buck. Frankly, we feel the new ones are too expensive and the old ones lack creature comforts among other things. Finely we feel we have found just the right answer in this 1990 CORVETTE COUPE.

This Corvette is truly exceptional in every way. It is absolutely pristine both in and out. Its BRIGHT RED exterior is free of nicks, chips, dents and scratches. Its beautiful 17" aluminum alloy wheels, FITTED WITH EXCELLENT HIGH PERFORMANCE TIRES, have no blemishes. The BRAND NEW RED WITH BLACK TRIM interior is free of tears, stains or any other imperfections. If you didn't know what year this car was you would think it was just recently driven off the showroom floor. This car is as clean on the bottom side as it is on top. No doubt in our minds this car was used for summer, fair weather, fun only.

The original owner drove this car sparingly, only 4000 miles a year, and gave it all the TLC in the world.


We assess this beautiful Corvette to be the perfect answer for both the novice and experienced Corvette owner that want the most bang for the buck. This car is mechanically and cosmetically as nice as we have ever seen and is sure to totally satisfy its new owner.

We suggest our ebay buyers use the EBAY BUY IT NOW OPTION. This car is far too nice to lose through a last minute bid or through an off internet transaction.