Owner Bruce Danielson. Circa 1960,with his award winning VW Bug.

12/25/07 STEVE RAMBO from Gilford Montana is our customer of the year 2007. Steve purchased a beautiful 2005 Ford F150 4X4 pickup truck from us on December 20th and was so excited to take delivery and drive his new truck back to Montana he booked a flight to Cedar Rapids that day with the anticipation of being back in Montana by Christmas. He started his trip at 3AM December 22nd and was routed by the airlines, which included several transfers, to arrive in Cedar Rapids that evening. Due to a snowstorm in Chicago he ultimately ended up in Denver that evening and was on standby for the next few flights out of Denver the following day. At about Midnight on the 23rd he boarded a flight to Chicago only to be unloaded back at the gate due to continued poor weather in Chicago. Late in the day on Christmas Eve he made it to Chicago at which point the flight to Cedar Rapids was cancelled due to no flight crew available. The airline then chartered a bus and bused Steve 250 miles West to Cedar Rapids. He arrived late Christmas Eve, had a sandwich and came down with food poisoning. At about 1Pm on Christmas Day I introduced Steve to his new truck and he was on his way back to Montana one happy customer. Under the circumstances how could we not name STEVE RAMBO CUSTOMER OF THE YEAR?

7/1/07 The Gauthier family of Canada are another very satisfied International customer. We have shipped several automobiles to Canadian customers and are familier with all customs requirements.

6/8/07 Walter and JoAnn Byerley look forward to driving their new Lincoln Town Car Limited back to their home in Mt.Olive, Illinois. The Byerleys are three time luxury car customers and always look forward to their vist to our Cedar Rapids facility.

6/8/07 Chuck and Deborah Wood of Quincy, Ohio fullfill a lifelong dream when picking up their new Corvette at our Cedar Rapids facility.

6/8/07 This year we have enjoyed the company of two families traveling from both Germany and New Zealand. Both families purchased vehicles, sight unseen based on our outstanding reputation, from Midland Motor Car Co. and took delivery at our Cedar Rapids Iowa dealership.

Ludwig Langenbach, his wife and two children flew over from Munich and picked up their beautiful Honorbuilt Dorado motor home and planed to tour the United States for two months this summer.

Peter and Dallas Geddes arrived in August from Christchurch New Zealand and took delivery of a gorgeous 2003 Ford Mustang Mach 1. Peter belongs to the Mustang owners club in New Zealand and can’t wait to show off his new Mach 1 to fellow members in New Zealand. The pictures of Peter and Dallas taking delivery of their new Mach 1 certainly reflect their pride of ownership.

We enjoy extending our “American Hospitality” to all international customers and look forward to working with many in the future in order to satisfy their motoring needs and desires.