Please read some letters from our satisfied customers.

Hey Bruce, Leon here

As I am sure you know the Caddy arrived in one piece at Gene's place in Virginia Beach.Thanks.And My brother has inspected the car and has confirmed it is a beautiful car and in excellent condition as per your discription and photographs. Also I appreciate your efforts to make the transaction as quick and as smooth as possible . Working this purchase from overseas and the internet could have been quite difficult and possible fraught with chicanery but you were very helpful and operated in complete good faith as I did also. And it has worked out quite nicely. Thank you very much I am having the car picked up next week for its transfer over here and should see the car physically here in about 6 week . So by April I should have it. Thanks again.

PS They have finally changed the laws over here to allow catalytic converters on cars shipped into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. There must have been some reason for it originally but like so many things over here there logical reasoning escapes me and most of the human race.

I will let you know when it arrives.

PS Question did you say something about a ten day dealer tags were to be put on the car. If they were put on the caddy, when will they expire? (what day)Thanks

Leon Hitchler

Bruce, I hope your trip went well to Chicago. After I returned home and washed the car to see how nice it looked everything looked much better. Strange how a clean car makes a better impression.

I just wanted to let you know that we love the car. My mom, who normally says not a good word about anything even said it sure was pretty. And my wife, said she saw alot of heads turning when she is driving it. It ran beautifully on the way home and wanted to keep getting faster. I finally had to use the cruise control. A police car in one of the speed trap towns in southern Missouri pulled out behind me and followed for several miles right on my bumper but did not stop me.

I will be keeping an eye out for your vehicles on Ebay. Who knows someday we may meet again. Thank you for an outstanding vehicle.

Larry and Debra

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you what a pleasure it was to do business with you. The DeVille was just as advertised and is really a pristine, well maintained, luxury automobile. On top of that, my first tank of gas, which was, admittedly, 60% highway driving, got 23.5 mpg!!! It is like driving a CLOUD. Quiet and smooth. I always enjoyed driving DeVilles when I rented them for road trips. Now, I OWN one! What a conversion for a died-in-the-wool Ford guy!
Thanks for picking me up at the airport and treating me so professionally. Your corporate background and etiquette shown through last Friday. You and I will do business again.
Bruce, if you ever need a referral for an overly-cautious, prospective buyer, you can offer my name and phone number. You have my card. Don't hesitate.
Best regards,
Dave Oswald


Got the car today and all my wife and I can say is WOW, WOW, WOW!!!! In all my years of buying used cars, I've NEVER seen one as pristine as this one. We just got it and we're already in love. Thanks for your great service and care. If you ever need any recommendations, let me know. I'll be more than glad to talk to anyone.

Thanks again.


I just wanted to thank you again for the beautiful Cadillac Seville. Allison and I are thrilled with it. It's everything you said it was. Most of all, I want to thank you for making our first really significant Internet purchase a truly pleasant one. Your communication was great and you took care of all the details. I can't tell you how big a leap it was for us to buy a car sight unseen from someone unknown. Your integrity was evident and made all the difference.

Thanks again,

Hello Bruce,

Yes, she loved it and I was impressed also. It was exactly what we wanted. Thank you for arranging to get it here in time for Christmas. We had a large family Christmas Eve and the car was the crowning moment. Everyone else had already seen it, as I had it out in my shop. We then snuck it into the garage for her to go out. We gave her the car manual under the tree and then she ran out and got into it. The car was as described and we will enjoy it. Lots of other interest in the family; they all will be checking your web site. Thanks again. We will talk in about two years as I want to get a 2002 Lincoln continental anniversary version when they come off lease. Hope you will have one of those also. I left my laudatory comments on E-bay. MG